heartbleedThe internet is a big place of information exchanges including sensitive data that needs to be kept secure. Imagine websites full of this information and leaving their ‘door’ unlocked for any hacker to just get in and grab your stuff. That’s the dilemma to an estimated number of 66% of the web. Many websites - even the big famous ones are affected by this bug and in turn may put your precious information at risk. What is Heartbleed? It is a web bug. More precisely, a coding error in the OpenSSL cryptographic software library - this is the encryption technology ('https' or padlock icon on browsers) used to secure sensitive information on the web which is typically used by any sites that provide their visitors with payment gatewars. Now this bug allows hackers to sneak-in and peek at those sensitive information. Who is affected? Most sites that run certain versions of OpenSSL


student-hostingFree Virtual Servers are proud to announce the launch of our brand new web hosting package built around the needs of UK students. Ideally suited to individuals with extensive needs though no prior knowledge of web hosting and very little money to invest, the Students Web Hosting Package delivers wall-to-wall features for the lowest possible price.

Whether it’s for showcasing work online, backing up important projects or simply collating all essential resources in one easy-to-access place, Free Virtual Servers have it covered. And with subscription costs starting from as little as £1.25 per month, no other server provider operating in the UK today offers better value for money.

An All-inclusive Package for a Rock Bottom Price

Look at it any way you like, but there’s simply no other hosting company on the market today offering a package as generous as ours. We know students. We’ve been students, so


Smart Use of Video on Your Website

As more and more businesses swarm the internet, you have to be on top of your game and use all available resources you can to stay competitive. What better way to attract potential customers and everybody else to your product than by making use of online videos right in your website.

Videos are not only popular, but prove to be very helpful in getting your business the attention it deserves. Here are a few ideas on how to make use of videos on your website to boost sales.
  • Showcase your Product

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words. How much more a video? Take advantage of free video hosting sites like YouTube or Vimeo and show and tell your potential customers how they can make use of your product or services. Make a good


Blogging has been around the internet for quite some time. And while it started out just as a venue to voice out what's on your mind and act like a personal online diary, it has become part and parcel to what the industry nowadays consider a successful company. So even if you are just a start-up company or a small-time business, here are a few reasons you can look into why you should set up a blog and start writing!

1. Gives your company a voice

A blog is a great venue for people to read about your brand, your products and even your company. Like a person, a business should have a voice to communicate to the general public what the company values.

2. Helps you get found on Google easier

Having a blog with great content helps you rank high on top of the Google search results. Why? Because content is king in the


wordpress-iconEstablishing your website for the first time can prove to be an inconvenience especially if you’re not on the technically-savvy front. Nonetheless, there are various ways you can save time and effort in making sure you get the best value possible for your money. For the latest web source on WordPress templates, read on below to find out where top-notch, quality templates can be found. Installing templates: Automatic vs. Traditional WordPress themes are generally quick and uncomplicated to install with the myriad of options available – either via FTP or through the WordPress theme installer. All you have to do is upload the theme’s zip file directly from the WordPress dashboard and activate it to have it up and running. On the other hand, going the traditional route entails a bit more work to set things up. First, you’ll have to download and unzip the theme file. You’ll then