cloud-hosting-imageIn the current web landscape, there’s no other movement that has been on the rise as much as cloud hosting. Compared to other kinds of shared or dedicated hosting solutions, cloud hosting offers a multitude of opportunities that enable better performance and various kinds of cloud service platforms that can fit any type of business needs.  

What is cloud hosting?

For starters, cloud hosting is a form of technology that allows a limitless number of machines to operate as one system. The difference between cloud hosting and other hosting solutions (dedicated or shared) is that the latter is dependent on just one machine while the former’s hosting security is assured by a number of different servers. Due to this fact, cloud hosting has been easily incorporated by several industries because of its easy application management. Some of the fields that


Disability Confident The UK government has just launched a new campaign called “Disability Confident” aimed to encourage businesses to recruit more disabled people to join their workforce. The 2-year advertising campaign was unveiled at the UK's first Disability Employment Conference in London that brought together over 300 employers, ranging from small businesses to the FTSE 100 companies. The event heard from many notable speakers including the UK's prime minister David Cameron who pledged that the campaign will break the myth about the complexities of employing disabled people. Easy Internet Services & Solutions' Managing Director, Mark Esho, attended the event and was one of the three disabled entrepreneurs nominated by the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) as role models to meet the Prime Minister at the launch of the event. Mark Esho<p class=
How long does it take for your website to load? 5, 10, 20 seconds? Does it really matter?- In the era of high-speed data, website's speed is vital to your visitor's experience, in which ultimately, affect the retention and conversion rates of your website. No one likes to sit around waiting for a website to load. In fact, the very reason people go onto the Internet is to get an instant information or solutions. Web surfers are by nature impatient. According to a recent study conducted by NetForecast, 4 seconds is the maximum threshold that people can wait before they get frustrated and hit the 'Back' button to see different search results. However, a fast-loading site is much more than just about enjoyment of surfing the website.   The Need For Speed If you are familiar with how Search Engine Optimisation

Creating a website has always been a very challenging task for non-tech-savvy people. For most beginners, building their first professional website can take weeks if not months, with many just giving up in the process and pay a fortune to hire a professional web designer. Is it really that difficult? Let's dive into the process and see how we can help you to build your website as a complete novice. Essentially, there are 3 steps that you need to go through to get your website live on the Internet. These steps could be extremely hard or ridiculously easy, depending on which trail you decided to take.

Create a Stunning Professional Website

Website design - this is the very first step that you need to take to have a website, and is considered as the most difficult stage for many


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